miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

My haters are my motivators, and I'm not a rapper

I had a bunch of bad experiences with people I met last year. I was lucky to make a lot of friends, but I also made a lot of "people who I'm glad they're out of my life", I wouldn't call them enemies, because I wish no harm to them and I hope they have forgotten about me too, but it's people that make me think: How lonely can you be in a new country to make friends with complete idiots? Well, really lonely.
This experiences are described with detail in my post about THE FAMOUS 180.
Well, yesterday I was thinking about the day I asked myself: Is it me? Are they right about all their comments about me? Should I worry? And after thinking it a lot, I learned two things:
- It is not worth it to hang out with a person that does efforts to tell you that you're wrong all the time, because they want to feel better about themselves and increase their really bad self-image.

- People that envy you or find you annoying will see the worst of you, but a little tiny part of what they say might be true.

The second one has shaped my life since that day, I started thinking what part of their mean comments was true, and I realized "I do complain a lot", so I started working on it. Not to make the girl that was passive-aggressive with me and cried everyday because her booty call didn't call her, and told me that if I had seld steem I would laugh it off every time someone insults me because I would know that it's not true, I need people that are smarter than a bag of hair and have higher selfsteem than a one night stand from Jersey Shore. Just because critique can help you improve, maybe there are flaws that your friends that love you can't see.
So when I was listening to Nicky Minaj (no judgement please, I think she is cool, even though her mouth is dirtier than a week old garbage can), I heard the quote "My haters are my motivators", and I thought to myself: This is so true. They motivate you to improve, and to be proud of yourself, you must be doing something good if there is people that want to know your every move and bring you down.

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

The story of the mushroom guy

I was inspired to write this when I read about a fellow blogger's contest for the best story of the worst date ever. Even if the contest is over I need to write this since this is a story that needs to be told for the world to enjoy and laugh sarcastically at.
I met this guy online (of course!) and after a short 1st date just to make sure the other one was not insane (he did an amazing job at hiding that), he asked me out to a restaurant.
I am going to recreate the worst parts of the date:

We should play a game about food
I said that I already had something to eat, that we should share an appetizer.
Him: Lets play a game! We should eliminate plate by plate and then the last one that remains is what we will order
Me: (look of disbelief)
Him: Come on! It'll be fun! (pointing at the menu). Which thing do you hate, so we can eliminate it first?
Me: Lets just order the vegetarian plate, please

Now we should talk about food
H: What is your favourite fruit?
M: Strawberries
H: Mine is watermelon. What is your favourite type of melon?
M: (Laughing sarcastically and playing along) It's watermelon too! What a coincidence
H: Explains the reasons why watermelon is cool and delicious

Olives are important
H: I hope you like olives, I want a girlfriend that likes olives
M: Why is that?
H: I just love olives as an appetizer. I hope you don't eat mushrooms
M: Sorry, I love them.
H: But why??? They are like a waste, like something dirty that comes from the earth

Did you want to hear about my injury?
M: ...I usually get nauseuous when I hear about blood, injuries or things like that
H: That reminds me of the time when I cut my finger to the bone, I was holding some grapes and grabbed a knife that wasn't sharp enough, etc, etc

By the way I hate gays
H: I had a gay boss before, what I didn't like is that he was always flirting with me, and sometimes, when the clients were gay he took me to gay bars to close the deal. He used me.

After all this, he sent me a message saying that he had a great time and we should do it again, because the date was too short (It was short for a reason: I had to run away). To which I answered that I didn't think we had enough chemistry (what an understatement!)