martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

"Glass half full", "glass half empty" and "my glass is half empty, cracked and filled with dirty water"

I am not the most positive person sometimes, I am indeed sarcastic, sometimes my humour is dark, and sometimes I feel the need to give me or my friends reality checks.
But I now, that in the end, everything will be alright. I think that to gain the right to complain about something more than once, you should at least be doing something about it; listening to a person complain and complain about the same thing day after day, while avoiding making a decision can be draining, and boring; how many times can you say to a person: "It'll be OK, but to get a job you need to at least apply somewhere".
It's going to be a little bit hard to meet people if you stay in your room, where your only friend is a bottle with a high percentage of alcohol; the hr department of your company of choice is not going to come knocking down your door and that needy and depressed look you have at the moment doesn't scream "sexy and available".
Life doesn't solve itself magically you know! There is a persian saying that I love: " Tie your horse and then pray that it doesn't run away".
Also after falling down, staying in the floor can be boring, and dirty...after crying, kicking and screaming, get up please! do the people around you a favour.
It is very hard to share your time and make plans to a person that likes to mop around, if you are or you try to be a positive person, this turns out to be impossible:
- You are happy when a friend is doing good, they are reminded of what they don't have: Stop talking about your boyfriend until I get one please!
- You bond over jokes, happines a hobbies, they bond over mutual tragedies: Lets get together and drink thinking about how much we miss our families and that we are poor
- If people ask how you are, you thank them and try to ask sincerilty, they take it as a personal attack: "You ask because you know they're doing bad and want to hear about it.
OK, I guess everyone has been too negative or too depressed at least once in their lives, but when I call a friend to tell them I am going to get a raise, I would like them to say: Good for you! and not: "Really? Too many good things happen to you"

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